Our Team

We think our team is wonderful!

Heading our FOH team as FOH Manager is Devin who has been working in the industry for over ten years.  Devin makes amazing coffee, has great organization skills and friendly nature, She is an outgoing and enthusiastic person, who enjoys working with food, drink and providing excellent customer services.

Backing up Devin are Arnica and Monz.  Their sweet disposition and fantastic barista skills make them the perfect compliment to our management team.  These two ladies are always happy to help out with any queries you may have.

In the kitchen we have several chefs producing delicious treats for your all, whose many years of experience are evident in the quality and skill shown in the meals and baking produced to delight your senses.  Our experienced team cooking, baking, catering and making feasts for functions will ensure your event will run smoothly so check out our catering and function options for when you next need to organize a work or personal function. 

Working along side our full time team members are several lovely ladies and gentlemen who help us with the busy lunch times and in keeping everything running smoothly, as well as the owners who works behind the scenes in the payroll, accounts and administration area.

So that's us and our wonderful team and we look forward to you coming to visit us soon.