We have 7 main functions but are always happy to talk with you and see how we can cater to your needs if you had something a little different in mind.  These are our most popular functions:

This is usually an afternoon event for say a baby shower or Grandma's birthday.  We book out the upstairs area from between 2pm or 3pm and run High Tea style platters for your event (little sandwiches, cup cakes, scones etc).  Coffees and other drinks can be ordered as requested.  This events menus start at $10 per person.

This is a grazing style menu of finger food, it can be as light as a supper of as a full grazing style meal.  This is a very social way to have an event as no one needs to be seated at particular tables for any given amount of time.  This is our most used function event.  Some of our most popular platters are our Anti-Pesto, Asian, South American, Blinis, and Bruschetta's.  This events menus start at $15 per person.

We start with Drinks and Nibbles of Chips & Dips and Salted Peanuts and then fire up the grill for our marinated Steak Kebabs, Chicken Kebabs, and Vege Kebabs, served with Salads and Fresh Baked Breads.  For dessert we toast Marshmallows and squish them between Chocolate Thins as well as have warm Grilled Fruit Kebabs.  This events menus start at $35 per person.

We start the evening with drinks and canapé type starters that circulate on platters, move into the main which people can be seated for after selecting from the buffet and then we finish the meal with dessert platters so that people can get up and move around and socialize more again.  This events menus start at $40 per person.

This is our Greek/Roman type theme where we start the evening with Platters and then serve Pizza, Pasta and Greek & Roman Influenced Salads for the main event and finish with Ambrosia for Dessert.  You can dress up in Togas (yes wear your bed sheets!), as Greek or Roman Gods, Slave Girls and if you are buff enough even Gladiators...but even if you only want a theme for the food and not for dressing up it is a fun night of everyone's favourite foods.  This events menus start at $40 per person.

This is wear you can come in your sombreros and tacky fake moustaches for a bit of extra fun!  We serve a social grazing style menu of Corn Chips with Salsa & Guacamole, Taco's, Quesadillas, and other Mexican munchies ranging from Mild to Hot to titillate all taste buds.  Margaritas, Sangrias etc can be added to the mix for a more authentic evening.  This events menus start at $40 per person.

Come along in your togs and sarongs, singlet's and jandles and kick back for an Island style evening of laughs and laid back life!  This is an event about rest, relaxation and fun!  The spit Roast Pork, Hawaiian Salads and Island Fish in Coconut Cream are just the beginning fun filled event.  Make sure you also sign up for the Luau low can you go?!  This events menus start at $50 per person.