We have many catering options that make it easy for you to cater your to your needs by simply making a selection however if your event is multiple days or you require something a little different please feel free to contact us for further options.

We also make amazing cakes ranging from our Delicious Carrot Cashew and Cream Cheese Icing to our Decadent Layered Chocolate Brownie or our Scrumptious Pineapple & Coconut Layer Cake.  Please contact us with your inquiries.


These start at $6.50 per person and go up to $9.50 per person for between 2 to 3 items each.


Lunches start at 3 finger food items per person at $10.00 per head for a light lunch.
Then we have 4 finger food items per person at $12.50 per head for a standard lunch.  And for the very hungry types we also do a 5 finger food items per head lunch for $15 per head.

Catering Options & Ideas:


-House Made Cookies
-House Made Slices (GFOA)
-Sweet Mini-Muffins (GFOA)
-Date Scones

-Fruit Platter (V) (GF)
-Cup Cakes

-Egg Club Sandwiches (V) (GFOA)
-Ham & Salad Club Sandwiches (GFOA)
-Chicken Satay Wraps
-Pastrami Wraps
-Hummus & Salad Wraps (V)
-Kumara Rosti & Bacon Stacks (GF)
-Vege Stack on a Kumara Rosti (V) (GF)
-Spinach & Capsicum Roulade (V) (GF)
-Ham, Mushroom & Cream Cheese Roulade (GF)
-Salmon, Spinach Cream Cheese Roulade (GF)
-Egg Rolls w Teriyaki Chicken (GF)
-Egg Rolls w Pumpkin, Spinach and Parmesan (GF)
-Beef Potato Top Cottage Pies
-Bacon and Egg Pies

-Bacon & Caramelised Onion Quiches
-Vegetarian Quiches (V)

-Creamy Mushroom Filo Parcels (V)
-Spinach & Feta Filo Parcels (V)
-Chicken Cranberry & Brie Paninis
-House Made Sausage Rolls
-Mini Cheese Burgers
-Savoury Muffins

(V) = vegetarian
(GF) = gluten free
(GFOA) = gluten free option available on request